Readings Archive

Since 1962 The University of Arizona Poetry Center has played host to a variety of readings. The Poetry Center has sponsored poets laureate and community members alike (with many of them returning to read multiple times). This is a comprehensive list of those readings.

MLA indicates Modern Languages Auditorium.

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Name Descriptionsort descending Location Reading Date
Tucson Community Backyard Reading 09/08/2000
Tucson Community Reading 09/08/2001
Laura Tohe 11/07/2011
T.C. Tolbert High Tea Poetry Center 12/06/2004
James Tate Interview 11/20/1968
Peter Turchi Lecture Poetry Center 02/19/2008
Luci Tapahonso Native Voices Symposium Modern Languages 06/14/2007
Laura Tohe Native Voices Symposium MLA 06/14/2007
Brian Turner Next Word Series MLA 10/26/2006
Frederic Tuten Prose Series MLA 02/16/2006
Rodrigo Toscano Reading Poetry Center 03/23/2017
Brian Teare Reading Poetry Center 01/26/2017
Lehua Taitano Reading Poetry Center 07/25/2019
Luci Tapahonso Reading Poetry Center 02/16/2011
Michelle Tea Reading Poetry Center 11/13/2010
Luci Tapahonso Reading Poetry Center 10/23/2008
Roberto Tejada Reading Poetry Center 01/12/2023
John Tagliabue Reading Swede Johnson 11/24/1991
Roberto Tejada Reading Poetry Center 04/25/2013
Natalia Toledo Reading Poetry Center 04/18/2024
Yoko Tawada Reading Swede Johnson 02/10/2006
Ross Talarico Reading Student Union 11/03/1977
Luci Tapahonso Reading Student Union 11/20/1987
Luci Tapahonso Reading MLA 11/17/1999
Luci Tapahonso Reading Center for Creative Photography 02/17/1992
James Tate Reading MLA 11/20/1996
James Tate Reading MLA 11/20/1968
James Tate Reading MLA 03/05/1986
Quincy Troupe Reading Harvill Classroom 04/27/2001
D.M. Thomas Reading MLA 10/27/1971
Laura Tohe Reading MLA 02/25/2004
Tomas Tranströmer Reading MLA 04/09/1986
Tomas Tranströmer Reading MLA 11/06/1975
Tomas Tranströmer Reading MLA 04/10/1988
Tomas Tranströmer Reading MLA 02/26/1974
Estela Portillo Trambley Reading MLA 05/01/1993
Kymberly Taylor Summer Resident Shane House 07/26/1995
Roberto Tejada Thinking Its Presence Conference Poetry Center 10/19/2017
Luci Tapahonso Tucson Festival of Books ILC 03/14/2009
TC Tolbert Tucson Lit Press Fest Poetry Center 03/26/2011
The Joys and Challenges of Small-Press Publishing Panel Tucson Lit Press Fest Poetry Center 03/26/2011