Readings Archive

Since 1962 The University of Arizona Poetry Center has played host to a variety of readings. The Poetry Center has sponsored poets laureate and community members alike (with many of them returning to read multiple times). This is a comprehensive list of those readings.

MLA indicates Modern Languages Auditorium.

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Name Description Location Reading Date
Peter Sacks Reading MLA 04/23/2003
Ira Sadoff Reading MLA 01/25/1979
Benjamin Alire Sáenz Reading Poetry Center 10/16/2014
Benjamin Alire Sáenz Reading MLA 03/24/1993
Nanao Sakaki Reading Poetry Center/Cherry Avenue 11/08/1990
Trish Salah Thinking Its Presence Conference Poetry Center 10/19/2017
Tomaz Salamun Reading MLA 10/21/1998
Erika L. Sánchez Reading Poetry Center 09/05/2019
Greg Sarris Reading Center for Creative Photography 03/09/1992
Noah Saterstrom Poetry Off the Page Symposium Poetry Center 05/19/2012
George Saunders Prose Series MLA 03/29/2006
sam sax Reader Poetry Center 09/05/2019
Leslie Scalapino Reading MLA 02/22/1989
Leslie Scalapino Reading MLA 09/24/1997
John P. Schaefer Reading MLA 01/18/1984
Susan Fromberg Schaeffer Reading MLA 09/15/1976
Timothy Schaffert Reading Poetry Center 11/10/2011
Michael Schmidt Lecture Woods Library 04/19/2005
Zachary Schomburg Next Word Series Poetry Center 10/11/2012
Danniel Schoonebeek Reading Phoenix Art Museum 09/02/2016
Danniel Schoonebeek Reading Poetry Center 09/01/2016
Philip Schultz Reading Poetry Center 10/20/2011
Nicole Sealey Reading Poetry Center 03/09/2023
Seamus Murphy and Eliza Griswold Artists' Talk Poetry Center 03/05/2015
Rebecca Seiferle Reading MLA 09/18/2002
Rebecca Seiferle Tucson Festival of Books ILC 03/14/2009
Michele Serros Prose Series MLA 01/21/2004
Charif Shanahan Reading Poetry Center 12/05/2023
Natalie Shapero Reading Poetry Center 03/14/2019
Karl Shapiro Reading Liberal Arts Auditorium 10/12/1966
Alan Shapiro Reading MLA 09/21/2005
Solmaz Sharif Reading Poetry Center 09/01/2016
Solmaz Sharif Reading Phoenix Art Museum 09/02/2016
Prageeta Sharma Next Word Series MLA 10/13/2004
Brenda Shaughnessy Reading The Poetry Center 02/02/2005
Brenda Shaugnessy Next Word Series MLA 02/02/2005
Anne Shaw Reading Poetry Center 07/25/2013
Aurelie Sheehan Reading Poetry Center 11/14/2013
Aurelie Sheehan Reading MLA 01/24/2001
Aurelie Sheehan Reading MLA 10/12/2006 25th Anniversary Reading: Derek Sheffield Reading Poetry Center 01/11/2024
Richard Shelton Reading MLA 01/07/1970
Richard Shelton Interview 02/01/1979
Richard Shelton Reading Pima Community College 02/06/1974
Richard Shelton Reading MLA 09/07/1983
Richard Shelton Reading MLA 10/25/1995
Richard Shelton Reading 12/07/1976
Richard Shelton Reading MLA 10/12/1988
Richard Shelton Southwest Poets 11/02/1989
Richard Shelton Reading 08/26/1976
Richard Shelton Tucson Festival of Books Student Union 03/15/2009
Richard Shelton Reading Poetry Center 09/02/2010
Richard Shelton Reading MLA 03/04/1980
Richard Shelton Reading MLA 09/04/2002
Richard Shelton Reading MLA 09/13/1978
David Shields Reading Poetry Center 04/13/2017
Naomi Shihab Nye Reading Poetry Center 04/18/2019
Brandon Shimoda Next Word Series Poetry Center 01/21/2010
Evie Shockley Reading Poetry Center 03/21/2019
Jane Shore Reading MLA 11/14/1979
Peggy Shumaker Reading Poetry Center 02/21/2019
Peggy Shumaker Reading Poetry Center 03/21/2013
Peggy Shumaker Tucson Festival of Books ILC 03/14/2009
Peggy Shumaker Southwest Poets 11/01/1989
Peggy Shumaker Alumni Reading Poetry Center 09/27/2007
Peggy Shumaker Reading MLA 02/08/2006
Eleni Sikelianos Reading Poetry Center 12/04/2009
Eleni Sikelianos Reading MLA 12/01/1999
Richard Siken Next Word Series MLA 04/19/2006
Richard Siken Reading Ina Gittings Building 02/17/2012
Richard Siken Reading Poetry Center 09/10/2015
Joan Silber Prose Series Poetry Center 10/27/2011
Jon Silkin Reading MLA 01/30/1985
Leslie Marmon Silko Colloquium MLK 01/27/2000
Leslie Marmon Silko Native Voices Symposium MLA 06/14/2007
Leslie Marmon Silko Reading Poetry Center 04/06/2011
Leslie Marmon Silko Reading Student Union 04/06/1992
Leslie Marmon Silko Reading MLA 01/26/2000
Leslie Marmon Silko Reading Economics Bldg. 11/19/1974
Leslie Marmon Silko Reading MLA 04/07/1993
Ron Silliman 01/30/2010
Charles Simic Reading MLA 09/17/1986
Charles Simic Reading Poetry Center 10/04/2018
Charles Simic Reading Phoenix Art Museum 10/03/2018
Charles Simic Reading MLA 03/04/1970
Jim Simmerman Reading MLA 04/26/1995
Jim Simmerman Reading MLA 03/09/2005
Maurya Simon Reading Poetry Center 02/21/2019
Louis Simpson Reading MLA 03/06/1979
Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas Reading Reading Poetry Center 11/07/2011
Johanna Skibsrud Reading Poetry Center 03/09/2017
Jonathan Skinner Lecture and Reading Poetry Center 10/22/2009
Myra Sklarew Reading MLA 10/26/1983
Aisha Sabatini Sloan Reading Poetry Center 11/17/2022
Aisha Sabatini Sloan Reading Poetry Center 02/10/2014
Dave Smith Reading 11/04/1977
Patricia Smith Reading MLA 11/10/2004
Annick Smith Reading 03/02/1999
Patricia Smith Reading Poetry Center 09/26/2019
Maggie Smith Reading Poetry Center 11/29/2018
Maggie Smith Lecture Poetry Center 12/06/2018
W. D. Snodgrass Reading MLA 09/13/1973
Gary Snyder Reading Poetry Center 10/07/2010
Gary Snyder Reading PMM Auditorium 12/09/1964
Gary Snyder Reading MLA 02/26/1969
Gustaf Sobin Reading MLA 02/07/1996
Monica Sok Reader Poetry Center 02/13/2020
Layli Long Soldier 11/07/2011
Rebecca Solnit Prose Series MLA 10/06/2004
Gary Soto Reading MLA 09/22/1999
Gary Soto Reading MLA 01/31/1990
Marcia Southwick Reading MLA 10/06/1982
Juliana Spahr Reading Poetry Center 10/23/2009
Patricia Spears Jones Thinking Its Presence Conference Poetry Center 10/21/2017
Stephen Spender Reading MLA 10/13/1975
Michael Spier Lecture AME 11/02/2002
Primus St. John Reading MLA 11/03/1976
William Stafford Reading MLA 05/09/1972
William Stafford Reading 02/02/1982
William Stafford Reading PMM Auditorium 02/22/1968
William Stafford Reading MLA 12/01/1976
Natasha Stagg Reading Poetry Center 10/20/2016
Erin Stalcup Reading Poetry Center 08/11/2016
Maura Stanton Reading MLA 11/02/1978
George Starbuck Reading Harvill Auditorium 02/08/1984
Wallace Stegner Reading MLA 04/14/1977
Ruth Stephan Reading 04/04/1962
Ruth Stephan Reading MLA 04/14/1971
Ruth Stephan Reading Poetry Center 04/23/1964
Stephen Strom and Laura Tohe Tucson Lit Press Fest Poetry Center 03/26/2011
Alan Stephens Reading PMM Auditorium 10/24/1962
Gerald Stern Reading Fourth Ave. Social Club 10/23/1994
Gerald Stern Reading MLA 10/16/2002
Gerald Stern Reading MLA 02/09/1983
Steve Orlen Memorial Tribute Reading Poetry Center 01/22/2011
James Thomas Stevens Thinking Its Presence Conference Poetry Center 10/19/2017
James Thomas Stevens Next Word Series MLA 10/08/2003
Pamela Stewart Reading MLA 02/09/1977
Pamela Stewart Reading MLA 09/23/1981
Ruth Stone Reading PMM Auditorium 12/08/1965
Mark Strand Reading MLA 05/04/1971
Mark Strand Reading 11/17/1981
Student Poetry Reading 10/19/1983
Student Poetry Reading 02/21/1979
Student Reading 04/05/1989
Clare Sullivan Reading Poetry Center 04/18/2024
Terese Svoboda Reading MLA 01/31/2001
Terese Svoboda Colloquium Swede Johnson 02/01/2001
Robert Sward Colloquium PMM Auditorium 09/05/1965
Cole Swensen Conceptual Poetry Symposium Poetry Center 05/30/2008
May Swenson Reading Liberal Arts Auditorium 02/24/1965
May Swenson Reading MLA 01/22/1974
Mary Szybist Reading Poetry Center 05/22/2014