Readings Archive

Since 1962 The University of Arizona Poetry Center has played host to a variety of readings. The Poetry Center has sponsored poets laureate and community members alike (with many of them returning to read multiple times). This is a comprehensive list of those readings.

MLA indicates Modern Languages Auditorium.

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Name Description Location Reading Date
A Tribute to James Wright 04/02/1980
Edward Abbey Reading MLA 02/02/1977
Aria Aber Reading Poetry Center 09/22/2022
Dannie Abse Reading 03/31/1982
Samuel Ace Reading Poetry Center 08/22/2013
Diane Ackerman Reading 11/20/1985
Cara Blue Adams Reading Poetry Center 11/17/2022
Kim Addonizio Reader Poetry Center 09/12/2019
Kim Addonizio Tucson Festival of Books Kiva Room, Student Union 03/13/2010
Ai Reading Pima College 03/16/1972
Ai Reading MLA 09/13/1972
Ai Reading MLA 03/06/1985
Francisco X. Alarcón Reading MLA 02/07/2008
Rosa Alcalá Reading MOCA Tucson 01/28/2023
Rosa Alcalá Reading Poetry Center 11/19/2009
Kathleen Alcala Prose Series MLA 04/20/2005
Rosa Alcalá Reader Poetry Center 01/30/2020
Sandra Alcosser Reading Poetry Center 10/09/2009
Sandra Alcosser Reading MLA 11/04/1992
Claribel Alegría Readng MLA 10/22/1997
Charles Alexander Lecture Poetry Center 09/22/2011
Charles Alexander Hi-Tea Poetry Center 04/25/2005
Charles Alexander Tucson Lit Press Fest Poetry Center 03/26/2011
Sherman Alexie Reading MLA 11/16/1994
Sherman Alexie Q&A MLA 11/16/1994
Kazim Ali Next Word Series Poetry Center 02/24/2011
Taha Muhammad Ali Reading Poetry Center 03/27/2008
Howard Altmann Reading Poetry Center 11/08/2010
Howard Altmann An Afternoon with Billy Collins and Friends Centennial Hall 11/07/2010
Beth Alvarado Reading Poetry Center 12/05/2011
Beth Alvarado Reading MLA 10/12/2006
Yehuda Amichai Reading MLA 11/19/1980
Jon Anderson Reading 03/02/1978
Barbara Anderson Reading 03/02/1988
Jon Anderson Reading MLA 10/04/1989
Jon Anderson Reading MLA 02/19/1997
Jon Anderson Reading Pima College 02/22/1972
Jon Anderson Reading MLA 02/15/1984
Jon Anderson Reading PMM Auditorium 11/28/1967
Jon Anderson Reading MLA 02/13/1970
Lee Anderson Reading PMM Auditorium 04/28/1965
Jon Anderson Memorial Tribute Reading MLA 02/29/2008
Renee Angle Reading Poetry Center 07/28/2016
Sinan Antoon Reading Poetry Center 02/04/2010
Gloria E. Anzaldúa Reading MLA 10/23/1991
Homero Aridjis Reading MLA 03/22/1996
Homero Aridjis Reading MLA 02/05/2003
Rae Armantrout Reading Poetry Center 11/17/2007
Rae Armantrout High Tea Poetry Center Second St. 09/20/2004
ArtsReach Reading Reading El Centro Cultural 03/26/2009
ArtsReach Reading Reading MLA 04/19/2007
ArtsReach Reading Reading MLA 04/10/2008
ArtsReach Reading Reading MLA 03/22/2000
ArtsReach Reading Reading Center for Creative Photography 03/02/2005
ArtsReach Reading Reading MLA 04/14/1999
ArtsReach Reading Reading MLA 03/28/2001
ArtsReach Reading Reading MLA 02/20/2002
ArtsReach Reading Reading MLA 03/12/2003
ArtsReach Reading Reading MLA 02/15/2006
ArtsReach Reading Reading MLA 03/10/2004
John Ashbery Reading MLA 11/04/1980
John Ashbery Reading MLA 09/12/1990