the Poetry Center's exhibit space from the front door Our exhibits, presented in the Jeremy Ingalls Gallery, select from our collection of over 80,000 items to present a cohesive view of individual poets, schools of poetry, particular presses, book forms, and more. We also feature exhibits of contemporary presswork and contemporary artists. Stop in and experience our exhibits whenever the Poetry Center is open. Find our hours here.

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Poems in Silver and Glass

Poems in Silver and Glass is a permanent exhibition in the Poetry Center library by artist Mary Lucking. Vibrant and evocative cloisonné enamel pieces, set in poetry-book-sized wooden panels, have been shelved in the Poetry Center’s stacks, waiting to be discovered by visitors. This interactive installation offers a non-verbal counterpoint to the experience of reading, celebrating chance encounters and opening space for the mind to re-center itself between one poetry book and the next. Poems in Silver and Glass welcomes readers back into the Poetry Center library, adding visual and tactile delight to the experience of browsing. Read Lucking's blog post about the process of creating these pieces here.