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General registration for Fall 2023 is now open! Register here. 

For the Fall 2023 season, we are keeping a waitlist for fully enrolled courses.  If you have questions about Fall 2023 Classes & Workshops, please send an email to Paola Valenzuela:

Fall 2023 season at a glance: 

The Seductions of Voice with Paisley Rekdal, September 20. SOLD OUT. 

Poetry and the Unconscious with Yanyi, September 27. SOLD OUT. 

Stop Making Sense with Timothy Donnelly, October 18. Learn more. 

Everyone's Poetry Workshop with Eileen Myles, October 25. SOLD OUT. 

Writing with Water: Finding Form in a Thirsty World with Gretchen E. Henderson, October 28. Learn more. 

Ecstatic Miniatures: A Generative Workshop Exploring the Delights of Writing Short Verse Plays with Manuel Paul López, November 1. Learn more. 

Different Vessels, Different Meanings: Shaping Poetry Through Shape with Adam O. Davis, November 4. Learn more. 

Whitman's Long-Line Verse: An Appreciation with Marilyn Chin, November 15. Learn more. 

Locating the Self: Intertextual Poetic Strategies with Charif Shanahan, December 6. Learn more.