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Registration for Fall 2020 is available through our partner, The Shipman Agency, for most classes. Register here. Please note that all class times through The Shipman Agency are in Eastern Standard Time, not Arizona Time.

For Free Time, please email to register for this free class and receive the Zoom link. 

If you have questions about Spring 2021 Classes & Workshops or our partnership with The Shipman Agency, please send an email to Diana Delgado:

spring 2021 season at a glance: 

Free Time: Building a Community of Mentors for Incarcerated Writers, spring dates starting on January 23 with Joe Watson Learn more

Craft Seminar: It Doesn’t Matter What You Choose, January 9 & 10 with Sheila Heti Learn more

The Architecture of Story: the basic dramatic principles, February 6 with Sunil Yapa Learn more

Craft Seminar: Writing the Poem No One Wants to Read (and You Definitely Don't Want to Write), February 21 & 28 with Patricia Smith​​​​​​​ Learn more

Staging the Poem, March 7 with Tess Taylor Learn more

Remix and Making Poems New – A Revision Workshop, March 10 with DaMaris Hill  Learn more

Meaningful Machines: Introduction to Digital Poetry, March 20 & 21 with Lillian-Yvonne Bertram Learn more