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We have a right to public art. We have a right to see beautiful things on our property.

A Conversation with Diego Báez and Ruben Quesada

Marianne Moore called poems “imaginary gardens with real toads in them,” and I like to think when you dip into the Voca archives, you get to amble that garden, you get to touch those toads. 

“I had never taken the time in my life before that night to write a poem.”

Jodie Lewers Chertudi's mural reflects the calloused beauty of growing up in a wild west tourist town through iconic imagery from Tombstone.

Opens June 1: accepting fiction, nonfiction, and poetry!

Get to know Sasha Lewis — and the Tucson-poem behind her newest mural!

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People fear poetry because they don’t “understand” it. This is what they say. But I suspect people fear poetry because it shakes the tree of the known, uses language and uncanny forms to facet and...

Art For Justice

See the work from leading poets as part of this project that seeks to confront racial inequities within the criminal justice system to promote social justice and change.