Ideas for making a simple folded book and writing prompts that engage with that liminal space between one year and the next.
A white coffee mug with the word "Begin" on its side sitting on a wooden table.

On releasing a new poetry book in the midst of personal loss and a pandemic
a space shuttle launches with smoke and clouds surrounding it as it ascends

We're excited to share our upcoming season.
mural of a sunflower alongside the phrase "Always Room To Grow"

Metaphor and the Language of Mother and Child
Embroidery reading, "I love you more than the dark, dark Hanukkah night."

Timothy Dyke shares a poem and a recipe
bok choy sitting in a red colander on a counter, bathed in natural light

Leela Denver introduces Spring 2021 exhibition Poems of Love and Compassion
Detail from Gary Paul Nabhan's "Seed of a Song"

The poet reads "Horses at Valley Store"

An exciting new acquisition for the Poetry Center Library.
Front cover of Kenward Elmslie's chapbook Girl Machine, with a photograph of young women spreading their skirts like wings.

Art For Justice

See the work from leading poets as part of this project that seeks to confront racial inequities within the criminal justice system to promote social justice and change.