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Four permanent markers beside a stack of blank name tag stickers on a wooden table.

She rounds out our posts on the Poetry Coalition's annual theme
Selfie of Jesse, a fat white femme, in pale gold headphones. She wears her glasses pushed up on her head and a rumpled white button-down shirt. Her light brown hair is cropped very short and she's wearing a dark red lip color. Behind her, strands of plants poke out.

Jon Riccio interviews the author of "Mask for Mask"
illustration of JD Scott and the cover of Mask for Mask

Read the second installment in our series as part of the Poetry Coalition's programming
A brown trans woman stands by rocks at night. She is wearing black & a white coat. She is masked and putting her hair behind her ear. In the background are blurry lights from buildings.

Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes writes about home
A hand holds teaberry ice cream