Readings Archive

Since 1962 The University of Arizona Poetry Center has played host to a variety of readings. The Poetry Center has sponsored poets laureate and community members alike (with many of them returning to read multiple times). This is a comprehensive list of those readings.

MLA indicates Modern Languages Auditorium.

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Name Description Location Reading Date
Summi Kaipa Reading Poetry Center Cherry Avenue 06/04/1999
Ilya Kaminsky Reading Poetry Center 04/11/2013
Bhanu Kapil Next Word Series Gallagher Theatre 11/21/2008
Laura Kasischke Reading MLA 10/21/1994
Richard Katrovas Lecture 09/21/1994
Richard Katrovas Reading MLA 09/21/1994
Douglas Kearney Poetry Off the Page Symposium Poetry Center 05/20/2012
George Keithley Reading 11/04/1977
Brigit Pegeen Kelly Lecture Woods Library 03/25/2004
Brigit Pegeen Kelly Reading MLA 03/24/2004
Donika Kelly Reading Poetry Center 04/07/2022
Dolores Kendrick Reading MLA 02/23/2005
Dolores Kendrick Lecture Woods Library 02/24/2005
X.. J. Kennedy Reading MLA 11/16/1988
Faye Kicknosway Reading MLA 04/22/1981
Suji Kwock Kim Next Word Series MLA 02/11/2004
Nanci Kincaid Reading MLA 09/08/1999
Galway Kinnell Reading MLA 10/20/1970
Galway Kinnell Interview KUAT 04/08/1992
Galway Kinnell Reading MLA 03/20/1968
Galway Kinnell Reading 11/03/1977
Galway Kinnell Reading MLA 04/08/1992
Thomas Kinsella Reading 02/07/1968
David Kirby Reading MLA 10/11/1989
Carolyn Kizer Reading MLA 09/19/1984
Carolyn Kizer Reading MLA 11/01/1978
Carolyn Kizer Reading MLA 01/25/1989
Becca Klaver Tucson Festival of Books Kiva Room, Student Union 03/14/2010
August Kleinzahler Reading MLA 01/27/1999
William Kloefkorn Reading MLA 02/23/1977
Bill Knott Reading MLA 02/18/1987
Kenneth Koch Reading Harvill Auditorium 10/09/1986
Yusef Komunyakaa Reading MLA 02/06/1991
Sarah Kortemeier Poetry Out Loud Regional Finals Poetry Center 02/14/2015
Ken Kuhlken Reading MLA 02/11/1981
Maxine Kumin Interview KUAT 03/21/1990
Maxine Kumin Reading MLA 03/21/1990
Maxine Kumin Reading MLA 12/04/1974
Maxine Kumin Reading MLA 02/04/1981
Stanley Kunitz Reading Liberal Arts Auditorium 02/14/1962
Edgar Kunz Reading Poetry Center 01/18/2024
Greg Kuzma Reading MLA 09/25/1974