Readings Archive

Since 1962 The University of Arizona Poetry Center has played host to a variety of readings. The Poetry Center has sponsored poets laureate and community members alike (with many of them returning to read multiple times). This is a comprehensive list of those readings.

MLA indicates Modern Languages Auditorium.

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Name Description Location Reading Date
Marilyn Hacker Reading Phoenix Art Museum 04/13/2016
Marilyn Hacker Reading Poetry Center 04/14/2016
Marilyn Hacker Colloquium Martin Luther King Building 03/30/2000
Marilyn Hacker Reading MLA 03/29/2000
Drum Hadley Reading Center for Creative Photography 10/07/2005
Kimiko Hahn Reading Poetry Center 02/11/2016
John Haines Reading MLA 03/05/1969
James Allen Hall Reading Poetry Center 06/18/2009
James Allen Hall Reading Poetry Center 11/08/2018
Donald Hall Reading 11/28/1979
Donald Hall Reading MLA 09/27/1972
Mark Halperin Reading MLA 01/27/1977
Patricia Hampl Prose Series MLA 03/01/2006
Patricia Hampl Reading MLA 01/30/1980
Patricia Hampl Reading MLA 01/25/1995
Nathalie Handal Reading MLA 03/22/2006
James Hannaham Reading Poetry Center 03/03/2016
Ron Hansen Reading MLA 09/24/1986
Ron Hansen Reading Harvill Auditorium 11/30/1983
Joy Harjo Southwest Poets Tempe 11/02/1989
Joy Harjo Native Voices Symposium MLA 06/14/2007
Joy Harjo Reading Phoenix Art Museum 12/01/2017
Joy Harjo Reading Poetry Center 12/01/2016
Joy Harjo Reading MLA 09/16/1987
Joy Harjo Reading MLA 04/07/1993
Michael S. Harper Reading MLA 04/04/1973
Duriel E. Harris Poetry Off the Page Symposium The Rogue Theatre 05/19/2012
Duriel E. Harris Poetry Off the Page Symposium Poetry Center 05/20/2012
francine j. harris Reading Phoenix Art Museum 09/04/2015
francine j. harris Reading Poetry Center 09/03/2015
Jim Harrison Reading MLA 11/09/1970
Matt Hart Reading Phoenix Art Museum 09/01/2005
Ryan Harty Prose Series MLA 03/31/2007
Matthea Harvey Next Word Series MLA 10/08/2003
Yona Harvey Reading Poetry Center 09/18/2014
Robert Hass Reading MLA 09/12/1984
Robert Hass Reading 09/19/1979
Robert Hass Reading St. Phillips 11/17/2000
Robert Hass Reading Phoenix Art Museum 10/07/2016
Robert Hass Colloquium Swede Johnson 11/17/2000
Robert Hass Reading Poetry Center 10/06/2016
Terrance Hayes Reading Poetry Center 02/04/2016
Terrance Hayes Reading Phoenix Art Museum 02/05/2016
Terrance Hayes Lecture Poetry Center 02/22/2018
Hayhook Ranch Dedication Reading Hayhood Ranch 04/11/1998
Eloise Klein Healy Reading Poetry Center 03/21/2013
Seamus Heaney Reading Harvill Auditorium 10/11/1982
Seamus Heaney Reading MLA 03/30/1976
Alan Heathcock Reading Poetry Center 04/04/2013
Travis Hedge Coke Reading Poetry Center 11/07/2011
Allison Adelle Hedge Coke Reading Poetry Center 11/07/2011
Allison Adelle Hedge Coke Reading Poetry Center 01/11/2024
Marwa Helal Reading Poetry Center 03/17/2022
Robert Hemenway Reading MLA 10/03/1984
Amy Hempel Reading MLA 04/22/1992
Brent Hendricks Reading Poetry Center 04/22/2013
Barbara Henning 03/13/2010
Adrian Henri Reading MLA 10/26/1976
Niki Herd Reading Poetry Center 09/06/2012
Rafael Ramírez Heredia AT&T International Writing Program 11/12/1991
Marcelo Hernandez Castillo Reading Poetry Center 03/17/2022
Juan Felipe Herrera Reading Poetry Center 02/23/2023
Juan Felipe Herrera Reading MLA 09/15/1993
Juan Felipe Herrera Tucson Festival of Books ILC 03/14/2009
Gina Hildreth Reading Student Union 09/17/1975
Tim Hill Reading 11/21/1967
Roberta J. Hill Reading Center for Creative Photography 03/02/1992
Brenda Hillman Reading Student Union 04/23/1979
Brenda Hillman Reading MLA 10/29/1997
Brenda Hillman Colloquium 10/30/1997
Brenda Hillman Reading Phoenix Art Museum 10/07/2016
Brenda Hillman Reading Poetry Center 10/06/2016
Brenda Hillman Reading Poetry Center 10/22/2015
Rolando Hinojosa Reading Student Union 02/18/1988
Jane Hirshfield Reading MLA 11/29/1995
Jane Hirshfield Reading Poetry Center 04/13/2023
Hispanic American Poetry Festival Reading MLA 04/07/1977
George Hitchcock Reading MLA 12/10/1969
Tony Hoagland Reading MLA 03/01/1995
Tony Hoagland Reading MLA 09/22/2004
Tony Hoagland Lecture Woods Library 09/21/2004
Pat Hoctel Reading 11/05/1981
Jen Hofer Reading Poetry Center Cherry Avenue 06/04/1999
Linda Hogan Reading MLA 04/11/1990
Linda Hogan Reading MLA 10/08/1997
Cynthia Hogue Reading Poetry Center 08/30/2012
Harmony Holiday Summer Residency Reading Poetry Center 06/13/2011
K. J. Holmes Poetry Off the Page Symposium Poetry Center 05/20/2012
K. J. Holmes Poetry Off the Page Symposium The Rogue Theatre 05/19/2012
Miroslav Holub Reading MLA 03/30/1988
Cathy Park Hong Reading Poetry Center 01/24/2013
Garrett Hongo Lecture Himmel Park Library 11/17/2005
Garrett Hongo Reading MLA 11/16/2005
Jay Hopler Reading Poetry Center 02/17/2022
Randall Horton Reading Poetry Center 11/15/2018
Housewarming Festival 10/14/2007
Pam Houston Prose Series MLA 03/03/2004
Robert Houston Reading MLA 03/24/1982
Robert Houston Reading MLA 10/03/1990
Robert Houston Reading 03/13/1973
Robert Houston Reading MLA 04/21/1999
Richard Howard Reading Liberal Arts Auditorium 09/25/1973
Marie Howe Reading Poetry Center 02/16/2012
Fanny Howe Reading MLA 03/26/2003
Marie Howe Reading MLA 03/05/1997
Fanny Howe Q & A Poetry Center 04/25/2012
Fanny Howe Reading Poetry Center 04/26/2012
Giancarlo Huapaya Gallery Performance Poetry Center 09/19/2017
Richard Hugo Reading MLA 01/22/1975
Christine Hume Poetry Off the Page Symposium Poetry Center 05/18/2012
Paul Hurh Lecture Poetry Center 09/24/2015