Readings Archive

Since 1962 The University of Arizona Poetry Center has played host to a variety of readings. The Poetry Center has sponsored poets laureate and community members alike (with many of them returning to read multiple times). This is a comprehensive list of those readings.

MLA indicates Modern Languages Auditorium.

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Name Description Locationsort descending Reading Date
David Fitzsimmons An Afternoon with Billy Collins and Friends Centennial Hall 11/07/2010
Carolyn Forché Reader Health Sciences Innovation Building 02/06/2020
Rosario Ferré Reading MLA 04/08/1998
Alan Feldman Reading MLA 04/22/1981
Alice Fulton Reading MLA 02/17/1988
Pete Fromm Reading MLA 11/04/1992
Kathleen Fraser Reading MLA 09/29/1977
Carolyn Forché Reading MLA 12/04/1991
Carolyn Forché Reading MLA 02/15/2007
Nick Flynn Reading MLA 11/02/2005
Roland Flint Reading MLA 11/18/1998
Carolyn Forché Reading MLA 11/02/1983
Edward Field Reading MLA 10/23/1974
Tarfia Faizullah Reading Phoenix Art Museum 09/04/2015
Gene Frumkin Reading PMM Auditorium 10/24/1968
Douglas Flaherty Reading PMM Auditorium 10/24/1968
The Place Where Clouds Are Formed Reading: Su:k Chu:vak Fulwilder Reading Poetry Center 04/04/2024
Letras Latinas 20th Anniversary Reading: Gina Franco Reading Poetry Center 02/22/2024
Jennifer Elise Foerster Reading Poetry Center 04/27/2023
Jennifer Elise Foerster Reading Poetry Center 04/27/2023
Sesshu Foster Reading Poetry Center 04/14/2022
T Clutch Fleischmann Reading Poetry Center 10/10/2019
Nikky Finney Reading Poetry Center 02/07/2019
Norman Fischer Reading Poetry Center 02/16/2018
Alec Finlay Reading Poetry Center 03/01/2018
Tarfia Faizullah Reading Poetry Center 09/03/2015
Teré Fowler-Chapman Poetry Out Loud Regional Finals Poetry Center 03/08/2014
Thalia Field Reading Poetry Center 11/07/2013
Harrison Candelaria Fletcher Reading Poetry Center 07/19/2012
Stephen Fredman Conceptual Poetry Symposium Poetry Center 05/28/2008
Carolyn Forché Reading St. Phillips Church 03/07/2002
Teré Fowler-Chapman Reading Temple Lounge, Temple of Music and Art 11/19/2013
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Reading University Auditorium 10/11/1967