Poetry Lesson Plans

Witnesses of Birth: Imagining the Beginning of a Character
By: Saraiya Kanning
Literary Model: “Birth Witness” by Ofelia Zepeda
Lesson Plan: PDF icon birthwitnesslessonplan-saraiyakanning.pdf
If You Find Yourself
By: Rachel Mindell
Literary Model: "If You Find Yourself On a Houseboat" by Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Lesson Plan: PDF icon ifyoufindyourself-rachelmindell.pdf
By: Saraiya Kanning
Literary Model: "Detail of the Woods" by Richard Siken
Lesson Plan: PDF icon landscapes-saraiyakanning.pdf
My Name Is...
By: Sarah Kortemeier, Julie Lauterbach-Colby
Literary Model: "allegory of the black man at work in a synagogue" by Roger Bonair-Agard
Lesson Plan: PDF icon my_name_is.pdf
Poetry in Performance: An Introduction
By: Sarah Kortemeier
Literary Model:
Lesson Plan: PDF icon poetry_in_performance-an_introduction.pdf
Comparison Odes with Pablo Neruda
By: Sarah Kortemeier
Literary Model: "Ode to My Socks," by Pablo Neruda
Lesson Plan: PDF icon comparison_odes_with_pablo_neruda.pdf
Capturing Children's Thoughts
By: Gillian Jerome
Literary Model: Langston Hughes, Dennis Lee, Juan Felipe Herrera, Shel Silverstein
Lesson Plan: PDF icon Hughes-Langston_GillianJerome_Verse_Lesson_3(2).pdf
Nonsense Knows
By: Gillian Jerome
Literary Model: Jack Prelutsky, Pauline Clark, Theodore Roethke, Dennis Lee, Ogden Nash
Lesson Plan: PDF icon Prelutsky-Jack_GillianJerome_Verse_Lesson_28.pdf
Found News Poem
By: Elizabeth Falcón
Literary Model: Poems from Sappho, Campbell McGrath, Guillaume Appolinaire, Eleni Sikelianos, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Mary Ruefle, John Gallaher
Lesson Plan: PDF icon found-news-poemoct6.pdf
Yoruba Legends: Southern Nigeria
By: Erin Armstrong
Literary Model: Required Resources: “The Bat,” “The Water-Bird,” and “How Leopard Got his Spots” from Yoruba Legends, by M. I. Ogumefu, B.A.
Lesson Plan: PDF icon yoruba-legends.pdf