Place Poems

Funds of Knowledge Freewrite (10 mins)

Students write using the following prompt:
    I find safety in    
Students read their freewrites in pairs and discuss:
    What are the qualities of a safe space?

Time Travel Lecture (10 mins)

•     “A Few Rules For Predicting The Future” by Octavia Butler 

  • Note: sensory details are what writers use to travel time

Time Travel Activity (15 mins)

Students leave the classroom and are given index cards. Students are told to observe a space on their campus. On the index cards, students use sensory details to describe the space they are observing and write the name of the space at the bottom right of the index card.  

When back in the classroom, the facilitator reads the sensory details on each card as clues and students identify the observed space.  

Guided Meditation (5 mins)

Students close their eyes and visualize a space on the planet they find safety in. The following visualize guides are offered during the meditation: 
•    What does this place smell like? 
•    What does this place sound like? 
•    When I count to three describe the feeling of the place in one word

Individual Writing (10 mins)

•    Use sensory details to give directions on how you would arrive at the place you find safety in.
•    Students write a poem using the repetitive prompt: 

  • In this place…
  • In this place…
  • In this place…

Sharing (5 mins)

Students are invited to share their writings with the class (optional)


Education Level: 

High School




Lesson Plan

Time Frame: 

55 minutes

Prior Knowledge/Skills: 


Required Materials: 

Index cards

Literary model: 

"A Few Rules for Predicting the Future" by Octavia Butler

Lesson Plan: