Ode to Grounding Object Poem

Sequence of Activities:

Community Check-In (15 Minutes)

  • Engage students by sharing their names, pronouns (students are welcome to self-identify or not); during the pandemic what has brought them warmth and what has been a little chilly (something that was challenging)
  • Sidenote: each answer can be as silly or serious as the student feels comfortable
    • Introducing snapping in solidarity: snap if you relate to what a student said. Explain that this is a great way to let students know I am holding space for you. Invite them to do the same.

Warm-Up Activity (20 Minutes)

  • Students bring an object that answers some of the following prompts:
    • Find an object that starts with the letter of first your name and discuss!
    • Find an object that represents how you feel during class and discuss!
    • Find an object that has kept you safe during these wonky times.  
      • Allow students to share why they chose this object.

Write (15 minutes)

Share Poems (10 Minutes)

  • Allow students to share a poem
    • Equitable sharing strategies to share poetry:
    • Have all students read poems at the same time
    • Offer to read a poem for students
  • Listeners: encourage snaps and warm comments after the students have read their poem


Education Level: 





Lesson Plan

Time Frame: 

1 hour

Lesson Plan: