Favorite Animal Poems

Discuss Favorite Animals (25 Minutes)


Ask students to think about what their favorite animal is and why. We went around the classroom and each student had a turn to talk about why they liked their favorite animal. 

Individual Shape Poems (35 Minutes)

Distribute worksheets (provided in lesson plan attachment) and explain the worksheet has 3 steps. Students should be directed to:

1.    Draw a picture of their favorite animal. 
2.    Write 5 descriptive words about that animal.
3.    Write a poem using all 5 words.

At the end of class, we had enough time for 4 students to come to the front of the class and read their poem to the class. 



Students will explore why they like their favorite animal and write a poem describing that animal.

Education Level: 





Lesson Plan

Time Frame: 

1 hour

Prior Knowledge/Skills: 


Required Materials: 

Paper, pencils, and favorite animal worksheets (see attachment)

Literary model: 

The Tyger by William Blake

Lesson Plan: