Poemfilms and the Moving Image

Writers and image-makers are invited to join poet Annie Guthrie and filmmaker Jonathan VanBallenberghe in an exploration of the ever-developing genre of poemfilms. In this six-week course, we will enrich our understanding of the form and explore its potential through screenings, discussion, writing exercises, and filmmaking/editing exercises. For example, we will consider such questions as, what are the implications of a textless poemfilm or an audio-only poemfilm? What emotional valences are available with varying editing techniques?

Please note that no video or film experience is required to enroll in and enjoy this workshop.

Participants who have access to recording equipment and editing software will also have the opportunity to produce a short poemfilm. Students who do not have equipment/software will produce a scripted poem using the filmic lexicon developed in class. (Alternatively, Jonathan VanBallenberge can provide video-editing services or instruction for an additional fee.) These poemfilms and scripts will be presented on the last day of class.

Register online.