Our Fall 2023 Classes and Workshops are open for registration!

We're thrilled to announce an exciting array of classes and workshops this fall--9 in total--that feature an exceptional range of writers.  General registration for the courses opens Tuesday, 8/29 at 10am.  The nine courses on offer this season include an exciting mix of writing-intensive generative poetry studios, lively workshops, and rigorous writing seminars.  Here is a direct link to register

Four full financial aid awards will be offered to cover the tuition cost of a course offered. The awards are valued anywhere from $100 to $120, according to recipient interest. Application is simple, and any community member is eligible to apply for need-based aid if they can attest to personal financial need. Selection is by lottery. The application deadline for financial aid is set for August 22nd, 5pm. So please spread the word to working writers for whom tuition would otherwise be a prohibitive financial strain. Learn more and apply here. 

The nine courses on offer this fall include: 

The Seductions of Voice taught by Paisley Rekdal.  Sept. 20th 5pm-7pm, $100

Poetry and the Unconscious taught by Yanyi. Sept. 27th, 5pm-7pm, $100

Stop Making Sense taught by Timothy Donnelly. Oct. 18th 5pm-7pm, $100

Everyone's Poetry Workshop taught by Eileen Myles. Oct. 25th, 5pm-7pm, $100

Writing with Water: Finding Form in a Thirsty World taught by Gretchen E. Henderson. Oct. 28th, 9:30am-12:30pm, $120

Ecstatic Miniatures: A Generative Workshop Exploring the Delights of Writing Short Verse Plays taught by Manuel Paul López Nov. 1, 5pm-7pm, $100

Different Vessels, Different Meanings: Shaping Poetry Through Shape taught by Adam O. Davis, Nov. 4, 10am-noon, $100

Whitman's Long-Line Verse: An Appreciation taught by Marilyn Chin, Nov. 15, 5pm-7pm, $100

Locating the Self: Intertextual Poetic Strategies taught by Charif Shanahan, Dec. 6th, 5pm-7pm, $100

So, whether you're interested in the ways form and shape can create context in a poem; considering how meaning-making happens and on what terms; exploring identity and relationship to literary models; rethinking lineation and exploring Whitmanic abundance, or just wanting generative experiences that will lead you into your own new work, we have something for everyone this season. Be in touch if we can be of any help.

See you in class!