Walt Whitman Circle

The Walt Whitman Circle is a community of donors who have committed to making an annual donation of $250 or more. Whitman Circle donors provide a predictable base of support for our activities. In exchange, Circle members receive a quarterly publication, invitations to exclusive events, and other benefits depending on the level of the annual gift. To join the Whitman Circle, contact Tyler Meier at tmeier@email.arizona.edu or (520) 626-5880, or visit our donation page and follow the instructions for designating your gift as a Whitman Circle membership. (Please note: donors decline all benefits when they pay online)

Walt Whitman Circle Levels

This form describes the Whitman Circle giving levels and associated benefits. In summary:

GIFTS OF $250 : Receive invitations to four Whitman Circle receptions featuring visiting Reading Series poets throughout the academic year, along with four corresponding limited edition letterpress broadsides. ($225 of your donation is tax-deductible)

GIFTS OF $500: All benefits above, along with a signed copy of a book from a visiting Reading Series poet. ($465 of your donation is tax-deductible)

GIFTS OF $1,000: All benefits above, and sign up to attend a pre-reading dinner with a visiting Reading Series author of your choice. ($940 of your donation is tax-deductible)

GIFTS OF $2,500: All benefits above, plus your name listed as a sponsor of a Poetry Center program of your choice. ($2,440 of your donation is tax-deductible)


Sponsors and Whitman Circle Members

The University of Arizona Poetry Center gratefully acknowledges bequests received in the last year from:
The estate of Mary Claire Livesey
Foundation and Business Support
Arizona Commission on the Arts
Aslan Foundation
First Page Literacy Foundation
Donald Pitt Family Foundation*
Lannan Foundation
Lehman Foundation
Literary and Prologue Society of the Southwest
National Endowment for the Arts
William & Mary Ross Foundation
Schaffner Family Foundation
Southwestern Foundation for Education and Historical Preservation
Memorial Gifts were received in memory of:
Chris Carroll
Sandra Soto Hatfield
Martha Carrier Hopkins
Henry Lockett
Lois Shelton
Honorary Gifts were received in honor of:
Susan Bansak 
Winifred Bundy
Randall Rodman Holdridge
Helen and John Schaefer
Bonnie Wehle


* Denotes charter Whitman Circle member

LIFETIME GIFTS of $10,000 +
L.R. Benes
Gail Browne and Frances Sjoberg*
Winifred Bundy*
Colleen and James Burns*
Alison Hawthorne Deming*
Elizabeth and Bryan Falcón
James Hensley*
Randall Rodman Holdridge*
Anonymous gift in honor of Jimmye Hillman
Jojene Mills and Paul Wheeler
Michael Rattee*
Helen and John Schaefer*
Richard Shelton*
Peggy Shumaker and Joseph Usibelli*
Donna Somma
Susan vonKersburg
James and Judith Walsh*

Stephen and Susan Bansak

Archibald and Laura Brown*
Norma and Stanley Feldman*
Doug Friman and Elizabeth Rollings 
Ashley M. and Joshua M. Hurand
John LaWall
Tyler Meier and Katie Patt
Nancy Pitt 
Brad & Carol Shelton
Ethan Yake

Barbara Allen
Christine Baines*
Jean-Paul Bierny and Christine Tanz

Geraldine and Stephen Connolly*
George and Merrily Davis
Lawrence Evers and Barbara Grygutis*
Michael and Jane Gessner
James and Louise Glasser*
Marc and Muriel Goldfeder
Cynthia Hogue
William and Leslie Holmes*
John A. Hudak*
Jeremy Kahn
Tony and Susan Luebbermann*
Peter and Melanie Maier*
Theodore Maynard and Barbara Sherman
Jeanne and Christopher Osgood
Anita and Jim Rankin
Thomas Sanders*
Timothy Schaffner and Anne Maley Schaffner
Robert and Lisa Swift* / TCI Wealth Advisors
Ted and Shirley Taubeneck*

Kathy and Timothy Torrington
Nancy Wall*
Susan and Leslie Wallach*
Mary Wildner-Bassett*

Kerstin Block / Buffalo Exchange
James Brandi
Robin Breault and Timothy Evans
Wendy Burk and Eric Magrane*
Thomas L. Cobb*
Joan and Ron Engel
Ronna Fickbohm
Steve Golden and Susan Tarrence
Marilyn J. Halonen*
Anne E. Hunt
Debra Jacobson
E. Courtney Johnson 
Kirk Markarian & Emily Walsh
Randolph Maxted
David Patt
Steven Russo 
Ann Schaefer-Reid and Andy Reid
Susan and Robert St Pierre
Merle J. Turchik and Gibb Windahl*
David Wagstaff IV and Ashley Wagstaff

John Wahl and Mary Lou Forier*
William C. and Joanna I. Westcott

Susan Hardy Aiken*
Renee S. Angle
Kate Bernheimer*
Dorothy Blake
Lucinda and Bill Bliss
Sheryl Boris
Karen Brennan
Dianne Bret Harte
Kittredge Bret Harte
William Burnett
Sylvia and Alejandro Canelos
Lisa Wise and Cameron Cohen*

Dino DeConcini and Elizabeth Murfee DeConcini
Seth Schindler and Diane Dittemore
Monica Durazo
Alain-Philippe Durand
Darrell Durham
Elizabeth Evans and Stephen Reitz*
Robert Fouch
Holly Ballard Gardner
Gloria Giffords
Kelly and Christopher Goldsmith
John Gray and Nancy Silvis
David and Virginia Griffis
Christine and Jonathon Gross*
Bruce Gungle*
Diana Hadley
James Hannley and Pamela Powers Hannley*
Cynthia and Jorgen V. Hansen
Law Office of David E. Hill, PLC
Linda Patton Hoffman
Janet and Joe Hollander
Marcia and Albert Hunker
Amanda Hunt and Chris Chavez*
Carol and Gary Hurand
Sara Hurand and Elie Weiss
Marsha and David Irwin*
Pamela Jackson
Gayle and Frederic Jandrey*
Reed Karaim and Aurelie Sheehan
Jodi Knobel Feuerhelm
Sarah Kortemeier and Keith Martin
Robert Lipinczyk and Shelli Hall Lipinczyk
Don Lofgren
Mark A. Luprecht
Adrian Matejka
Max McCauslin
William McCoy and Whitney Vale
Kate McMillan and William Krauss
Matthew and Diane B. Meier 
Thomas and Kerstin Miller*
Mary Myers
James D. Nations
John Peck
Rodney Phillips*
Pamela Portwood and Mark Taylor*
Ron Pullins
Donald and Nancy Rollings
Barbara Rosenberg
Barrie Ryan*
Gregory Scaven
Robin and David Shambach*
Roger Shanley
Thomas Sheridan and Christine Szuter
Claudette Stern
Sandra Szelag and Carol Kells*
Hale, Holly, and Ellie Mae Thomas-Hilburn*
Erec Toso
Michael Tucker
Bill and Brenda Viner*
Tom and Barbara Waldron*
Bonnie Wehle