Wren Awry

Education Coordinator
Photo of Wren Awry by Patri Hadad

Wren Awry is one of the K-12 Education Programs Coordinators at the University of Arizona Poetry Center. They are responsible for the Poetry Center's Brave Books, Kids Create, and field trip programs, as well as education-related content on the Poetry Center blog. 

Wren has a BA in Creative Writing with a minor in Adolescents, Community, and Education from the University of Arizona. Their essays and poems have appeared in places such as The RumpusEntropy, Essay Daily, Fairy Tale Review’s Fairyland, Ghost City Press and Rust + Moth, as well as in the anthology Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief. They are currently at work on a series of essays and an interview project, Nourishing Resistance, which explore the intersections between food, political resistance, and transformative social change.