Robert Snyderman

Robert Yerachmiel Snyderman is a PhD student in English Literature at the University of Arizona and Program Specialist for the Jewish History Museum and Holocaust History Center of Tucson. In his early 20s he co-founded a kind of Lord of the Flies literary and performance collective, The Corresponding Society, worked full time as a street poet in New York City, started farming here and there, and completed an MFA at Brown University. Essays, poetry, plays, and visual works have been published, exhibited, or staged in The Colorado Review, Ontological-Hysteric Theater, De Kijkdoos Gallery in Amsterdam, Emergency Index, Denver Quarterly, The Volta, KGNU Community Radio, student loan bills, the Sabbath, a public square in Providence, a fire escape at Pratt Institute surrounded by police, the largest in-tact Jewish cemetery in Europe, and elsewhere.