Mathias Svalina

Mathias Svalina is a writer & artist. Since 2016, his primary project is the Dream Delivery Service, a nomadic literary arts project that delivers daily dreams to subscribers. With the Dream Delivery Service he moves from city to city, delivering dreams in the mornings, & traveling as much as he can across the country by bicycle. He has worked with or had events with the Poetry Foundation, Austin Modern, Just Buffalo Literary Center, & other arts organizations, & in 2020, The Dream Delivery Service developed a dream-audiotour of the city of Denver with the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. Svalina is the author of seven books of mostly poetry, most recently The Depression (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2020), a collaboration with the photographer Jon Pack of photographs & fables that explore life with chronic depression, & America at Play (Trident Press, 2020), a collection of instructions for absurdist children’s games.