Water Dancing

Write a persona performance poem:

  • The word “persona” is derived from the Latin word for mask. The writer is putting on the mask of a person, place, or object and writes from that perspective.
  • What would it be like to experience life from the perspective of something else?

Create a poem:

Write from the point of view of a drop of water as it circulates around the earth perpetually, transforming, mixing, and moving. Where do you see yourself going, as water? What places and people do you connect through your movement?

  • Use the worksheet (attached) to formulate the poem
  • Remember to use your imagination

Perform the poem:

This is performance poetry. Spoken Word by its nature is part theatrical performance and part monologue. If people wanted someone to just read poetry from a book with no emotion…no “umph” … they could do it themselves. Spoken Word is PERFORMANCE poetry. That doesn’t mean you turn into an actor or rapper or singer or comedian though all of those elements may appear in your work. It means that you have an understanding that you are bringing the words and feelings to life. But keep in mind being “true to you” is important so that your performance doesn’t come off as a drama class exercise. This is the perfect way to exercise finding and developing your voice.


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Writing Prompt

Time Frame: 


Required Materials: 

Your imagination; something to write with, drawing materials; printer for worksheet (if you don’t have one, complete the prompt on a piece of paper); friends or family to share your poem with.

Additional Materials: