Storying our Memories

In this lesson, we’re going to be working with our memories as the raw material for our writing. We’re going to be taking the writing process a step at a time. First, I’m going to ask you to list some moments that fit different categories. Then, I’m going to ask you to pick one and record details from that moment. Last, you are going to use the details and description you pulled together to write a draft. Start with Step 1 on this page.

STEP 1: Reflection

  • What were three moments when you felt happy?
  • What were three moments when you felt sad?
  • What were three moments when your life changed?
  • What are three memorable or significant places to you & what was a memorable moment spent there?

STEP 2: Pick a moment and gather up all the details.

Look back at your list and find the moment that has the most “heat” or feels like what you want to write about right now. Circle it.

Now write in response to these questions.

  • What are all the details you remember from that moment?
  • Tap into description using sensory description. Where were you? What did that moment look like? Smell like? Taste like? Feel like (to touch)? Sound like? Who was there? (When you give the reader these details, we can be there in the moment with you. It helps us understand the moment more.)
  • What was said aloud between people? Or what thoughts were going through your head?
  • How did you feel in that moment? Why?

STEP 3: Writing a story draft.

Take all of the description and details you gathered in the last part and write a draft that explores this moment of your life. Try beginning at the beginning or in the middle of the action. Experiment!


Education Level: 

Junior High
High School




Lesson Plan

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Required Materials: 

A pencil, this paper, and your imagination

Lesson Plan: