Shakespeare's Inventions

Sequence of activities:

Discuss Shakespeare and Invented Words (15 minutes)

Talk to students about William Shakespeare and read them the list of invented words at the top of the worksheet. Ask students to find small words hidden inside of these larger words. Ask students to define the small and combined words out loud for the group.

Have Students Invent Words (30 minutes)

Following the worksheet, have students invent their own words. First, have them write a list of ten small words. Second, have students combine two of the small words to invent a few new words. Third, have students define one of their word inventions.

Have Students Write a Poem (15 minutes)

Using the language that they have already gathered, have students write a poem by filling in the blanks on the worksheet. If some students finished quickly, they can illustrate one of their word inventions with art supplies on the back of the worksheet or on a separate piece of paper.




To allow students to play with language and invent their own words

Education Level: 





Lesson Plan

Time Frame: 

1 hour

Prior Knowledge/Skills: 


Required Materials: 

Printed worksheet and pen/pencil

Literary model: 

Shakespeare’s word inventions such as “eyeball,” “roadway,” and “moonbeam”

Lesson Plan: 

Additional Materials: