Magnet Poetry

Sequence of activities:

Prep students with discussion on magnet poetry

Ask, "How many of you have played with the magnet alphabet letters that are on a refrigerator?  Has anyone seen magnet words? Today we are going to do something similar to using magnet words to create a poem. We are going to pick words from these sheets and create a story out of them. The story does not have to rhyme, it does not have to seem like it goes together. We are using our imagination. Here is how we do it!" Read steps 1-4 to the students:

Step One: Students are to scan the pages and read over the list of words.

Step Two: Students are to pick an anchor word. This word is the word they are called to the most. Students will build poem around anchor word. Cut out anchor word.

Step Three: Students will then look for other words to start building the poem.

Step Four: Students will take construction paper and glue on words in the order they would like the poem to be read.

Step Five: Ask for volunteers to share out to the class--allow two to share. Call on two of the shyer kiddos to share as well, for a total of four students sharing.




Word recognition, creativity in sentence correlation

Education Level: 





Lesson Plan

Time Frame: 

1 hour

Prior Knowledge/Skills: 

Basic reading and comprehension

Required Materials: 

List of words to cut out (Google search “printable magnet poetry”), scissors, glue, construction paper

Literary model: 


Lesson Plan: