Let Us Honor the Caterpillar: An Altar-Making Activity

Sometimes things have endings. 
But not all endings are bad.
Sometimes the caterpillar is finished being a caterpillar 
and now gets to become a butterfly.

What does that change look like for the caterpillar? What does that change look like for the butterfly?

What if we celebrated the caterpillar by making an altar to the caterpillar to say, Thank you, Caterpillar. An altar is a little space we make where we make offerings to remember and to honor anyone or anything that's no longer with us. Let us honor the caterpillar.

We can make altars in ways as unique as our experiences and bring them into our worlds or we can keep them in the safe confines of the page—it’s up to you. 

Let's use images, herbs, plants, flowers, to honor the good caterpillar and its journey to becoming a beautiful butterfly. 

Imagine this as the doorway to your dreams--close your eyes and ask the caterpillar to join you. What do you see? 

ASK THE ADULT THAT LOOKS AFTER YOU to get the following:

glue/paper/scissors/magazines/bowls/plates/herbs or flowers/water/crayons/pencils

Write a tiny letter introducing yourself to the caterpillar.

Find a little safe space in your home, your room, your play space, or wherever you feel most creative. This is where your altar will live during the Halloween and Day of the Dead season. 


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