Indoor Weather Poems

Imagine what it would be like if we experienced weather conditions indoors magically. What would that be like?

For example, perhaps it is super sunny in your bedroom, so much so that you can feel the sun’s rays and reach out and touch the sun.

Perhaps there is a thunderstorm in the garage.

Step one: On a scrap piece of paper list different locations these magical weather conditions can appear. Make a separate list of the different types of weather conditions you may encounter. Additionally, mix and match the two lists and brainstorm what it would be like to enter the chosen location with the chosen magical weather condition. Try to be as detailed as possible.

Step two: Review the chosen location and magical weather condition and the extended brainstorm. Circle keywords that seem to jump out at you.

Step three: Write a one-line poem describing what the experience would be like. Try to include the circled keywords. The title of the poem will be the chosen location and weather condition.


Kitchen Tornadoes
“A pandemonium of appliances. Obliterated click clacks, only meet in the eye of the storm. “


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Writing Prompt

Time Frame: 

Self-paced, approximately 1 hour

Prior Knowledge/Skills: 


Required Materials: 

Paper and writing utensils

Literary model: