Dear Blue, Dear Opal, Dear Magenta: Writing Epistolary Poems to Every Color of the Rainbow

Sequence of Activities:

Discussion and Group Letter (15 minutes)

  • Why do we write letters (or emails) to people? Brainstorm together on the board.
    • Some answers: to ask questions, to get information, to share about our experiences, to tell stories, to compliment or thank them, to express ourselves, to connect. 
  • Together write a sample letter to the color.
    • Example: Red: "What questions do you have for the color red? What would you thank red for? I think of you when…. I’ve always wanted to tell you that… You’re so …."
  • Notes: Thinking about form makes them realize that they already understand the expectations of a letter form. By writing a sample together, they get a sense of the sort of things they can write about when they write to their color. 

Writing Individual Letters to Colors (35 minutes)

  • Pass out paint samples (from hardware store, etc.) of different colors. Students can write either to blue or “amazing sky,” to orange or “clementine” Go around to help students and remind them that they can be serious, silly, sincere, funny in their letters to the color. 
  • Notes: My experience was that students really got into this process. They were able to incorporate their own experiences, likes and dislikes. They wrote what the color reminded them of and why they were grateful for it.

Time to Share With the Group (10 minutes)





Students think about form and remaking existing form into a poem Students think about audience Writing as a form of experimentation and play

Education Level: 





Lesson Plan

Time Frame: 

1 hour

Required Materials: 

Paint samples, paper, pencil/pen

Lesson Plan: