Birthday Odes

Sequence of activities:


Birthdays are a particularly special time for us, as people celebrate one another. Think of how special it is when you receive a gift or high praise on your special day. Today we will write an ode poem you can gift to your special person. Hard to choose someone? Select anyone and save the poem for their special day.  

An ode is a type of poem or song that is focused on something or someone that is praiseworthy. The word ode comes from the Greek word aeidein, which means to sing or chat. Odes can show thankfulness.

Step one:

On a scrap piece of paper write down the name of your chosen person.  

Step two:

As if you were speaking directly to that person, express why you are thankful for them. List the funny moments you enjoy. You may also include the moments they were there for you when you needed them the most.

Step four: 

List 4-5 adjectives that describe this person.  

Step five:

End the poem by telling the person happy birthday.

Step six:

Reread the poem out loud. Make the necessary adjustments. Title the poem “Ode to (input name).” Rewrite the poem neatly on a DIY birthday card or the attached Birthday worksheet.



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Writing Prompt

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Required Materials: 

Paper and a writing utensil

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