Behold My Pet

Questions to consider:

  • If you had the opportunity to create a pet, any pet, how would it look?
  • Would your pet be a combination of all your favorite animals?
  • How would it sound?
  • How would it move?
  • What kind of personality would it have?
  • When thinking about this pet, how does it remind you of yourself?
  • What would you name it?

Create a poem:

  • Use a blank paper to answer questions to consider.
  • Use the worksheet to formulate the poem.
  • Remember to use your imagination. Your animal does not have to have normal colors, sounds or looks.

Draw your pet!


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Writing Prompt

Time Frame: 


Required Materials: 

Your imagination; something to write with & drawing materials; printer for worksheet (if not follow prompted question on a piece of paper)

Lesson Plan: