Acrostic Rainbow

An acrostic poem is a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word, name, or phrase when read vertically. You can easily write an acrostic poem! Use the guidelines below:

  1. Use the PDF or construction paper to cut out the formation of the cloud. Write your name in the cloud for your poem.
  2. Use the PDF or make your rainbow strips with construction paper. Cut them out into long rectangles.
  3. Write each letter of your name on a separate rectangle. Each rectangle will be a line of the poem describing yourself.
  4. Decorate the cloud and the rectangles as you see fit. Use your glue to attach the rectangles to the back of your cloud. Please see the image below. You may also use the lighting bolt in the PDF for a letter you want to stand out.



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Writing Prompt

Time Frame: 


Prior Knowledge/Skills: 


Required Materials: 

Paper, writing utensil, construction paper, glue, coloring item, and a printer (optional)

Additional Materials: