Writing Resistance and Recovery

*Enrollment for this class opens December 6, 2016. SOLD OUT. General registration at this link is closed.

Class Meeting: Saturday, March 25, 12pm-2:30pm, Poetry Center Conference Room 207.

In this two-and-a-half-hour workshop seminar, we will struggle with and confront history, place, and possession(s) as we form creative answers to how works of art may act as a practice of resistance and recovery.  As we engage modes and invite entry into enhanced receptivity to creatively address what Fred Moten calls modernity’s socio-ecological disaster, participants in this workshop will become familiar with and enact multiple creative writing strategies and go home with even more suggestions and prompts to enact future writing. 

This is also a workshop that will “work” and our works will take shape via reading, listening, visualizing, and interacting as we develop in-class writings and arrive at a shared critical vocabulary. The workshop will include revision strategies, critical poetic terms and concepts, plus a bibliography of texts and author names for future reading.