Tucson Dream-History Tour with Mathias Svalina (Departing from the Presidio Historical Marker)

Sunday, January 23, 2022 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Led by poet Mathias Svalina, expect each tour to last approximately one hour; each is a unique experience.  Wear comfortable walking shoes, a mask, and bring an extra layer for a January evening.  This walk will meet and depart from the Presidio Historical Marker at the corner of W. Washington and N. Main St. in Tucson

Over a series of three free guided walks, The Tucson Dream-History Tour relates city histories that never happened. In the tradition of the 1970s Fluxus tours of Manhattan's Lower East Side, street-artists' reinventions of public spaces, & factually dubious urban tours throughout the world, The Tucson Dream-History Tour guides participants into the city to discover new wonders. With poetry-driven stories about various locations in three 1-2 mile walks, the Dream-History Tour mixes bits of recorded city history, joyfully erroneous interpretation, & a dream's sense of profound nonsense, building new fables out of the building blocks of the city, unearthing the surrealism embedded in Tucson's real. 

Tucson Dream-History Tours are co-sponsored by MOCA Tucson and the Downtown Tucson Partnership