Parent/Child Writing Summit

Saturday, May 9
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Registration: $15

In this special Mother's Day edition of the Parent/Child Writing Summit, parents/guardians and their children will have the unique opportunity to connect and inspire one another by writing poetry together. Research shows that family members play a significant role in inspiring children to read and write. This workshop is not only fun, but will help your children develop as readers and writers. During the three-hour session, we’ll cultivate the idea of limitlessness in poetry through discussions of poetic form/device and through the practice of nontraditional approaches to writing. We’ll write alone, in pairs, and as a collective. There will be time in this workshop to share our poems with each other and each family will start to create a shared chapbook that can serve as a growing canvas of writing for years following. We define the relationship of “parent” and “child” broadly. Members of all genders are welcome to attend this workshop. This is a workshop geared for youth ages 8 and up and members of their support team.