Oracular Writing: Transduction

Taught by Annie Guthrie
Six Tuesdays, April 19 through May 24, 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.
Registration fee: $240.00
Register online here.

Why do leaves fall? Why do sunflowers bend their heads? The process known as “signal transduction” describes the series of steps required to kick off a myriad of biological happenings. Transduction is a sequence of events and reactions, including the conversion of a signal into a chemical or electrical message: a signaling molecule and a receptor cell create a binding conversation that entices a cellular response. The ability of cells to sense and respond to their environment is key; the call and response of this sequence makes an ideal metaphor for the creative process.

In this class, we will piggyback on the delightful intricacies of the transduction sequence: enacting its steps in weekly missions, we will create and deliver signals, locate and transverse “membranes,” alter our “shapes,” and consider related terms such as binding, amplification, diversification, transcription, and expression as metaphors for creative action. This course is purely generative, designed to ignite and liberate the thinking necessary to make new writing. Students will pose and receive inquiries regarding their work and thought process, and around an integrated reading/viewing list of writers and artists. “Oracular Writing” is based in principles of inquiry and receptivity, open to every writer and artist, working in any genre.