Master’s Level Poetry Workshop

This workshop is geared toward advanced poets who are conducting a writing process and self-education that they would like to supplement with stimulating contact with writers of a similar caliber and level of enthusiasm—writers who crave exposure to a diversity of reading styles and expectations and who desire the attention and responses of a published teacher-poet. One premise here is that the community workshop can fulfill the need for sophisticated artistic discourse in reciprocal ways that writers have been discovering and reinventing for centuries. Class time will be devoted to building up a conversation about the process, drafting, and polishing of works (including manuscripts) workshop members might one day want to publish. The workshop members’ own poetry and areas of interest will be at the center of the dialogue, as well as formidable works by selected published poets, artists, and thinkers, as time allows. Time will be given to class members’ work as a priority. The whole of it is intended to become a very good time.

This is a master’s-level course. Registration is limited, and students will be admitted through a process of manuscript review by the instructor. The deadline to submit a manuscript to be considered for admission to the class is September 20. To submit, email a selection of poetry no longer than 10 pages in length to Cybele Knowles at The poems should be a Word document or PDF attached to the email. Your name and contact info should not appear anywhere on the manuscript. We will notify all applicants by September 25.