First class Meeting of Postmodernism as Poetic

“Postmodernism as Poetic” is a survey class of postmodern theory and poetry. Postmodern theory can be seen as, on the one hand, a theory of fragmentation, self-consciousness, and the loss of cultural myths within late capitalism; and on the other hand, a false framework that works against unified forms of resistance and solidarity. We will interrogate these ideas through theory and poetry that falls within the general parameters of postmodernism. To begin, we will briefly visit the tenets of modernism to better frame our discussion of postmodernism. We will then read postmodern theory excerpts from the likes of Fredric Jameson, Jean-François Lyotard, bell hooks, George Hartley, and Jane Flax, alongside poetry from the likes of Eleni Sikelianos, Joe Wenderoth, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Christine Hume, Tracie Morris, and Susan Howe. The goal of the class is to create a working theory of postmodernism and identify the tenets of postmodernism in poetic texts.

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