First Class Meeting of Mixed Media Artist’s Books: Working with Text


In this workshop, we’ll work with text, images, materials, and structures to create our own unique artist book. A poem, a letter, lyrics for a song, short story, fragment of a journal, or any other text will serve as an inspiration for and/or be included in your book. The class will contain many different activities: a short informal writing exercise, selection of images and materials, editing, working on a book structure, individual critique, group discussion, and presentation of the final work.

Participants should come to class with some ideas, some texts, and significant materials such as photographs, drawings, paintings, small flat objects, letters, and ephemera. At the first class meeting, we’ll look at examples of artist’s books and catalogs from recent national and international exhibitions. We’ll discuss each participant’s ideas and materials, and select the materials, binding, and structure for our books. Then we’ll start designing books. At the second class meeting, we’ll spend time on individual discussions, completing our books, and a group conversation about the work accomplished in a workshop. Please contact Beata at if you have any questions.

There will be a half-hour lunch break.

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