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A special generative class taught by Hannah Ensor.

Class meetings: July 12,14, 19, and 21, from 6-8:30pm in the Conference Room at the University of Arizona Poetry Center  (four sessions, eight total class hours.  Each session includes a 30 minute break.)

Summer is a time for vacationing from our selves. In this four-session class (plus two out-of-class gatherings by pairs/groups), we will generate art like we’ve never generated before—in part because the “we” is no longer us. We will vacation from our notions of single-author-created texts; from “writer’s block”; from ego/I conundrums; from the limitations (and, sure) well-worn benefits of having an allegedly singular identity (that is: who we are or aren’t, have or haven’t been). As a group we will delight in the joy that we can find in work created not by a sole author but instead by the weird spaces that exist in the hyphens/bridges/gaps between us. As we know, it is neither humble nor appropriate to delight in the I! So let’s delight in the we. This is a beach party; this is an island vacation. Bring a bunch of blank pages and your most relaxed and open pen.

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