Broken Threads, Lives Unraveled: Fuentes Rojas and the Migrant Quilt Project

Monday, February 25, 2019 to Saturday, April 20, 2019
2017-2018 Migrant Quilt and Fuentes Rojas pañuelo

Gallery Talk on Fuentes Rojas and the Migrant Quilt Project: March 12 at 6:00 PM

This exhibit presents work by Fuentes Rojas/Bordando por la Paz y la Memoria and the Migrant Quilt Project, volunteer organizations that use textile arts to render legible the deaths of marginalized people in Arizona and Mexico. Fuentes Rojas, centered in Mexico City, memorializes victims of drug war-related violence in Mexico with white handkerchiefs vividly embroidered with red thread. The Migrant Quilt Project, centered in Tucson, honors migrants who have died in the Tucson Sector by constructing quilts from materials abandoned by migrants in the Arizona desert. These works recognize the power of naming: whether embroidering the name of a person killed by a drug cartel or stitching “desconocido” (unknown) onto a quilt, the Migrant Quilt Project and Fuentes Rojas amplify the loss of individual human lives.

Exhibitions are displayed in the Jeremy Ingalls Gallery of the Poetry Center.

Image Credit:  Detail of Tucson Sector 2017-2018 quilt by the Migrant Quilt Project and detail of a Fuentes Rojas pañuelo

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