Brian Laidlaw performs songs from Silently Loud, an album featuring lyrics from autistic poets and songwriters

Sunday, January 29, 2023 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Poet and singer-songwriter Brian Laidlaw will perform songs from the album Silently Loud

Silently Loud is a compilation of songs by nonspeaking autistic songwriters, composed in collaboration with Unrestricted Interest, an organization offering poetry and songwriting mentorship for neurodivergent artists. The songs were recorded by a crew of Minneapolis-based professional musicians (including folks with credits on Grammy-Award-winning albums!) with the support of a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. With songs covering a vast spectrum of tones and topics - from the wildly witty to the softly sublime - Silently Loud is a celebration of all the different ways a mind can rock and roll.  The event will feature a question and answer with featured nonspeaking autistic lyricists Joshua Greiner and Aulton Grubbs.

The concert will include a collaborative song written by nonspeakers during a Songwriting Retreat with Brian at Teva Community. Teva Community is a nonprofit organization in Prescott, Arizona creating opportunities for nonspeaking autistic individuals to live, work and participate in creative expression and engage in all aspects of society.