Bloodstone Quarries of the Spleen

Single-session workshop: Wednesday, March 12, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

(Soma)tic poetry rituals create what we can refer to as an “extreme present” set to reveal the creative viability of everything around us. We’ll be using bloodstone, a gem with a three-thousand-year history of bridging the root and heart chakras to trigger kundalini alignment. We will engird the various facets of bloodstone then bury them in the ground so we can absorb and later read the patient dictionaries of the Earth. Poetry as DIRT is our aim, the place where the spleen is most content to nourish abstract thoughts pivotal to understanding Qi, or natural energy.  With (Soma)tics we will learn how even in crisis we can thrive through the poems, as well as learn to collaborate in unexpected ways with other artistic disciplines. I’m excited about our spring workshop at the Poetry Center, and look forward to us finding the poems together. Soon we’ll all agree with Alice Notley saying, “poetry’s so common hardly anyone can find it.”

Tuition: $63.00

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