"The winter winds were harsh to the weary traveler": Poems about weather & the seasons by K-12 Students


After a sizzling summer and fierce monsoon season, it's finally crisp and cold in Tucson! To celebrate, here are five poems about weather and the seasons written by participants in our Writing the Community and Kids Create programs:




White rain

bloop, bloop, bloop

Dark rain

bloop, bloop, bloop

Heavy rain

bloop, bloop, bloop

Hot rain

bloop, bloop, bloop

Ice rain

bloop, bloop, bloop

No rain

bloop, bloop, bloop

Thunder rain

boom, boom, boom

Scary rain

boom, boom, boom

Peaceful rain

oww, oww, oww

Soft rain

nice, nice, nice

Wind rain

too cold, too cold, too cold


-Alexander Williams


Where do birds go when it rains?


Do they go inside trees?

Do they sit on trees until it stops?

Do they go to a far land called “World of Birds”? Can they go with

Alice to Wonderland?

Can birds fly 100 miles in the rain without stopping? Can birds

really fly or is it just the wind?

Sometimes you don’t see them

but they see you.


-Anyssa Valenzuela




If I could be weather,

I would be summer because

it is hot.


If this class were a car,

I would be the tire so I

could sing the wheels on the car

go round and round.


-Felipe Rodriguez


Seasons’ Cycle Dream


Winter is the season first in the year,

It’s the time of year for snow to fall down.

I should go outside with my warm snow gear,

And build snowmen with smiles, not one frown.


The next season is wonderful, fresh spring.

Wonderful means the colors that I see,

And fresh means those plants, and that yummy grown thing!

Flowers get pollinated by a bee.


A season named summer is coming next.

It’s time to go to the beaches to swim,

And I will sit on the sand and will text.

Anybody can have fun, her or him.


Next comes fall, then winter again comes last.

Halloween is to come, got some costumes!

There is a witch with a bad spell to cast!

Now I am going to the scary tombs!


I wake up and see I was switch dreaming.

Switching seasons while the sun has not beamed?!


-Aleena Bafiyath




The winter winds were harsh to the weary

traveler. The Ice seemed to get deeper every time.

He made himself change into dry clothes and dry

off, he made himself hot cocoa. He turned on the

T.V. and went to Netflix and watched “Greece.”

Winter days so calm.


-Justice Ferreira