"Where the plants make homes of color": Poems of Place from Writing the Community

For Writing the Community students, home and the places that they hold dear can be as close as the Sonoran Desert and as far away as Syria and Australia. These four young poets have written about place in striking and evocative ways, and we're excited to share their work with you! 


There is a place you can go
in my country.
It has everything
beautiful and quiet.
It has birds.

-Ghufran Al-Ismail, Middle School 


The place that my 
grandfather lives in Australia
looks like the jungle and 
it smells like fresh green 
tea. It tastes like rain and you 
always hear the cockatoos chirping.
In Australia I felt a
koala and it was as soft
as a warm wool blanket.

-Sofiá Maccullagh, 3rd Grade 

In The Desert

In the desert there are lots of creatures.
In the desert there are rocks. 
There is sand. In the desert there are cacti.
In the desert there is sun.
In the desert there are dead bushes.
and tumble weeds.
In the desert there are snacks.
In the desert the skulls. 

-Selvin O. Ham, 3rd Grade

The Silver

This is where the plants
make homes of
where the 
fish roam
The silvery depths
your eyes of
a place
the frog fish
reign supreme
at the bottom of the
silvery land
of prey and

-Gavin Pederson-Goodrich, 4th Grade