Virtual Kids Create: May 2020 Edition


Hello and welcome to Virtual Kids Create! This is a self-paced version of the monthly kids day we host at the Poetry Center, and includes age-appropriate language arts workshops for children from infancy to ten-years-old (developed by our incredible facilitators), as well as a performance by Stories That Soar, a theater troupe that turns kid-written tales into inventive performances. Feel free to use this as a guide to create your own, at-home, structured Kids Create, or pick and choose activities you think the kids in your household might enjoy!


Infant to 3-year-old read-a-loud & sing-a-long:

This month, Kids Create 0-3-year-old facilitator Kathy Sutton writes about the importance of bed time routines. Her note includes suggestions about incorporating songs and stories into a routine, and how to do so in a way that encourages child development.

When you're done reading Kathy's note, enjoy this sing-a-long performed by Gabrielle Pietrangelo:

4-6-year-old writing workshop:

In "Make a Sound Together," facilitator Raquel Gutiérrez encourages kids to use clapping and creative sounds to make a sonic group poem! This activity is for 3-20 people and can be adapted for different age ranges.

7-10-year-old writing workshop:

In "Magic Backpack," facilitator Chalese "Chay the Poet" Potts inspires students to brainstorm a "backpack that gave you the perfect thing to survive the day" and then turn that brainstorm into a decorated poem!

Theater Performance by Stories That Soar