Support Poetry in Tucson Schools with your Arizona Public School Tax Credit!

The Arizona Public School Tax credit is a dollar for dollar refund on the taxes you owe the state of Arizona. 

When you support a partner school with your tax credit, you fund the Poetry Center's Writing the Community program and make possible six to eight-week-long creative writing residencies with expert teaching artists for area students in local classrooms.

Writing the Community annually serves thirty area classrooms, with a special focus on Title One schools.  In addition to exceptional opportunities for in-class writing experiences, students have the opportunity to meet nationally renowned poets visiting Tucson in the Poetry Center's Reading and Lecture Series, and to have their work published in our annual city-wide anthology of student work.  Students participate in a reading and anthology launch at the Poetry Center each spring.  Watch the video below to learn more about Writing the Community and the impact of the program:

How do I contribute to support poetry in local schools? 

CONTACT Tyler Meier at 520-626-5880 or to be matched with a partner school and for further instructions.

How Much Can I Contribute?

The maximum amount you can contribute to the Public School Tax Credit is:

$400 – married, filing jointly

$200 – married, filing separately

$200 – single/unmarried head of household

You may give to more than one school, as long as the total does not exceed the maximum allowed.

Contributing to the Public School Tax Credit program is separate from and does not affect maximum contributions to the Working Poor or Private School Tuition Tax Credit programs. This is not a donation to the University of Arizona Poetry Center. More information about claiming the credit can be found on Arizona tax form 322.