From the Stacks: Paul Lisicky

In this installment, Paul Lisiscky shares some of his favorite books from our collection.

The Wedding Dress: Meditations on Word and Life, Fanny Howe

Blind Huber, Nick Flynn

The Eternal City, Kathleen Graber

Selected Poems of Dara Wier

God’s Silence, Franz Wright

Door in the Mountain: New and Collected Poems, 1965-2003, Jean Valentine

The Collected Poems of Frank O’Hara

Our Andromeda, Brenda Shaughnessy

The Age of Wire and String, Ben Marcus

Escapes, Joy Williams

The Earth Avails, Mark Wunderlich

Something Bright, Then Holes, Maggie Nelson

Plot, Claudia Rankine

Recyclopedia: Trimmings, S*PeRM**K*T, and Muse & Drudge, Harryette Mullen

Skies, Eileen Myles

Plainwater: Essays and Poetry, Anne Carson

The Narrow Road to the Interior, Kimiko Hahn

Loose Sugar, Brenda Hillman

The Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins

The Kingdom of Ordinary Time, Marie Howe

From the Stacks features writers from our Reading & Lecture Series sharing favorite items from our library of contemporary poetry.