Pō é tree

Pō é tree is a discussion group that meets every First Saturday (October-April) in an outdoor setting under the trees in front of Herring Hall on the Campus Arboretum. Our discussions are free and open to anyone. Poetry packets on themes that change monthly are provided by a dedicated team of Poetry Center Docents.


There is a connection

between us and the trees

we fail to understand

until we stand in silence

beside them

and listen

to what they have to say.

--Janet Smith

Pō é tree meets outdoors because we want to breathe freely, to be moved by the sharp imagination of poetry in a natural setting, and to sense our connection with the earth. We cherish the notion that the poetry we read and discuss gets broadcast on the woods-wide web of life.

Pō é tree is a partnership between the University of Arizona Poetry Center and the University of Arizona Campus Arboretum with continuing support from Tanya Quist, Ph.D., Director of the Campus Arboretum. In case of inclement weather, we have the option of meeting inside Herring Hall.

If you'd like to join in these events, no previous experience with poetry (or trees!) is necessary. Just look for us on the Poetry Center's calendar under "Community." 

The Pō é tree Team is comprised of docents Jackie Goldman, Mary Myers, Barbara Sherman, and Janet Smith.