Make a Tucson Zine!: An Activity for Kids of All Ages


Have some extra downtime this week? Make a Tucson zine!

What are you favorite things about Tucson? Best Tucson memories? What does Tucson look, sound, smell, feel, and taste like to you? Do you have a favorite season? Favorite neighborhood? If there was anything you could change about Tucson what would it be?

Make a blank mini-zine with printer paper or construction paper by following the instructions, by YA author Celia C. Pérez, here. Then add writing and/or drawing to create your own Tucson zine.

Here are some ideas to jumpstart your zine!

1. Think about--and draw--your favorite Tucson tastes! (Or sounds! Or smells!)

In this example zine, we've sketched rolled tacos and ice cream.

2. Scribble all over your paper, and then color it in to create a scene!

Our drawing revealed itself as a colorful Arizona sunset and Tanque Verde when it's lush and full of water.

3. Don't be afraid to talk about what you don't like: pointing out things that are annoying and hard can help us change them, and/or appreciate the good stuff more!

Even kids get frustrated by all the road work!

This activity is based on one that was originally created by the UA Poetry Center K-12 Education Department for the Children's Museum Tucson's November 2023 Love of Literacy event.