Halloween Poems from Writing the Community!


To celebrate Halloween, we decided to share these three student poems! They were written in a Fall 2020 residency at Drachman Montessori K-8 Magnet School, led by teaching artist Kristen E. Nelson:

Haunted House
by Pablo Gamez

Haunted houses
Awesome costumes
Lots of candy in my bag
Little bats and black cats
“Oooh!” like a scary ghost
Witches fly on brooms
Everyone say, “trick or treat”
Every say, “smell my feet”
Nighttime fun for everyone

A Black Cat
by Amelia McDonald

A cat I will be
Black as night
Love is me
A cat will be crazy
Cat I will be tonight
Kangaroo I’m not
Cat yes
A cat black yes
Tell me who I am

Oh no Monsters!
by Ava Mendoza Sereno

Make the day Halloween!
Out to go trick or treating!
Nothing is more important than Halloween!
So have fun on Halloween!
Trick of treating is fun!
Easy eating candy!
Run away from the monsters!

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Photo by Eyestetix Studio