Brave Books: Anytime Zine Prompts!


We've released zine prompts focused on specific seasons and holidays, from Halloween to fall food to wintertime. Today, we'd like to offer zine prompts you can use to jump start your creativity any time and all-year-round!

Review zine: Are you passionate about movies? Snacks? Brands of shampoo? Write short reviews & turn them in to a zine.

Comic zine: Create an illustrated zine that tells your favorite story, real or fictional.

How-to zine: Are you knowledgeable about a certain subject (for example, plant identification or knitting)? Create a how-to zine to share what you know with others.

Poetry zine: Roses are red, violets are blue, I bet this zine will be fun to do!

Encyclopedia zine: Create a zine where you write an entry for each letter of the alphabet. For example: "A" could be for atole (& include a recipe), "b" could be for bikes (& include a story about a really fun ride).

Interview zine: Talk to a family member or friend. Ask them the questions you've always wanted to & turn it into a zine. (Just be sure to let them know that the interview is for publication!)

These prompts are also available as a hand out:

Want to share your zine with us? Drop it off, email us at, or mail it to: K-12 Education c/o the UA Poetry Center, 1508 East Helen Street, Tucson, AZ 85721

You can learn more about Brave Books 2021-2023: Zines and Zine Libraries here.